Strategic Plan

Priority Areas 2019


Building on the achievements from the implementation of our St. Thomas University Strategic Plan 2013-2018, we will now be focusing efforts on the Strategic Plan | Priority Areas 2019. Our previous strategic plan resulted from the most extensive consultation process ever undertaken at St. Thomas. That plan established a clear direction that built on inherent and developed institutional strengths and strived to place us on the leading edge of undergraduate liberal arts education and research. The priorities and goals in that plan are still timely and relevant to achieving our aspiration of being the premier liberal arts university in Canada and they will continue to guide our activities in the coming years:


• Strategic Priority 1 | Excellence in Undergraduate Liberal Arts Education
• Strategic Priority 2 | A Meaningful and Memorable Student Experience
• Strategic Priority 3 | A Commitment to Research and Societal Engagement
• Strategic Priority 4 | A Welcoming, Diverse, and Inclusive Community
• Strategic Priority 5 | Financial Sustainability

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Strategic Plan 2013-2018 | Progress and Summary Report


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Strategic Plan 2013-2018


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Please note: On December 9, 2023, the Board of Governors passed a motion that the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan and the 2019 update will remain in effect until a new Strategic Plan is approved by the Board of Governors.