2015-2016 Academic Calendar


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Goals of a Liberal Education
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Academic Calendar of Dates 
Glossary of University Terms

Section One: Bachelor of Arts, Applied Arts, Certificate Programs - Admissions and Registration

  1. First-Year Arts - admission requirements, application procedures, notification of admission, scholarship and residence application procedures
  2. Advanced Standing
  3. Admission to Criminal Justice - first-stage admission, second-stage admission, application procedures
  4. Admission to Gerontology
  5. Certificate Programs Admission Requirements - criminology and social justice, gerontology, social work, application procedures, deadlines, notification of admission
  6. Registration - procedures for continuing, returning, and new first-year students, course load, course numbers, withdrawal from course, repeating courses, UNB courses

Section Two: Bachelor of Arts, Applied Arts, Certificate Programs - Programs

  1. Bachelor of Arts Degree - requirements, Major, Minor, first-year curriculum, Honours, grade point average for Honours, requirements for teaching certificate, professional courses, grade point average for graduation, distinction, withdrawal from Honours
  2. Bachelor of Applied Arts - BAA Gerontology, BAA Criminal Justice
  3. Certificate Programs - Criminology and Social Justice, Gerontology, Social Work
  4. Research Centres - Atlantic Human Rights Centre (AHRC), Third Age Centre, Centre for Research on Youth at Risk
  5. Endowed Chairs
    The Pope John XXIII Chair of Studies in Catholic Theology, Chair in Canadian Citizenship and Human Rights, Chair of Studies in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Irving Chair in Journalism, Chair in Gerontology, Chair in Native Studies, Aquinas Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies, The Dalton K. Camp Endowment in Journalism
  6. Graduate and Professional Preparation

Section Three: School of Education

  1. Admission to Education - admission requirements, application procedures, notification of admission
  2. Bachelor od Education Degree Requirements
  3. Bachelor of Education Field Placements
  4. Bachelor of Education Degree Courses

Section Four: School of Social Work

  1. Admission to Social Work - prerequisites, conditions, deadlines, affirmative action policy, admission criteria, procedures
  2. Bachelor of Social Work Requirements - requirements, Mi鈥檏maq/Maliseet BSW program, required withdrawal
  3. Bachelor of Social Work Policies
  4. Bachelor of Social Work Courses

Section Five: University Fees

  • Academic Fees - tuition fees, sickness and accident insurance, students鈥 union fees, confirmation deposit, special fees, tuition for Seniors
  • Regulation for Payment of Fees - schedule, method, scholarship and bursary students,
    interest charges, outstanding accounts, withdrawal from University: refund policy
  • Residence Fees - room and board, deposit, other charges, schedule of payment, overdue accounts, withdrawal from residence: refund policy

Section Six: Course Descriptions

For any changes after March 2015, please see each department web page for honours, majors or minors requirements information or course changes.

Catholic Studies
Criminology and Criminal Justice
English Language and Literature
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Environment and Society
Fine Arts
Great Books
Human Rights
Interdisciplinary Studies
Irish Studies

Journalism and Communications
Media Studies
Native Studies
Political Science and International Relations
Religious Studies
Romance Languages
Science and Technology Studies
Social Work
Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Section Seven: Regulations

  1. Residence Discipline
  2. Course Regulations - class attendance and class cancellation, withdrawal from course,
    withdrawal from Aquinas, dismissal from course, repeating courses
  3. Evaluation and Grading - evaluation of students' performance, grading system
  4. Academic Standing - good standing, academic probation, academic dismissal, application for readmission
  5. Code of Student Conduct - academic misconduct, social misconduct, constitution and authority, residence standards and regulations
  6. Withdrawal from University
  7. Appeal Procedures - exemptions, appeal of final grade in course, academic grievance procedures
  8. Scholarship Renewal for Study Abroad

Section Eight: Policies

  1. University Property
  2. Harassment and Discrimination
  3. Policy with Respect to AIDS
  4. Student Accessibility Services
  5. Policy on Release of Information about Students

Section Nine: Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards

  1. Scholarships
  2. Canada Student Loans, New Brunswick Loans and New Brunswick Bursaries
  3. Dean's List
  4. University Medal


Board of Governors
Dean's List